Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am such a loser

Alright- I know I posted a farewell and everything. But I keep wanting to post something about my family. I tried to go back onto our old spot but couldn't. Oh well- here is to new beginnings! Todd and I are happy to say that this week is officially mid-term, so only 6 more weeks of the worst schedule EVER! Hey- I haven't been back to school in years, I will do better! As of this week we are both well above 3.5 GPAs- yes, I know there are 3.9ers and 4.0ers out there- but this is really good for us!
The girls are just as active as ever. Dallis is now carrying on conversations that always lead to some Disney character at one point or another. Hadley is in a hard spot- she wants to talk, but isn't quite there. She gets pretty upset when we can't understand- it is sad and frustrating, but she will start talking soon and then I will miss these days. By the way- who told Brynnie to start crawling like a maniac? That girl speeds around like she is in some race for her life! Todd and I are loving our busy children- and we LOVE bedtime!