Saturday, March 3, 2007

We are moving- well, at the end of the month

Todd and I put on offer on a townhouse at 1 pm on Thursday and received the answer at 5:45- we are homeowners! Well- not technically, but our offer was accepted and we close on March 31. Perfect timing for us and school breaks. We are very excited and a little nervous. But the hardest part is over- our next big step is to sign the mortgage (and our souls away). The house has 3 bedrooms upstairs, one full bath with a tub/shower and a shower in it. The closets are all almost walk-ins, but not too much bigger than what we have now. Downstairs is the living room, dining, kitchen and a little half bath. Our washer and dryer will go out in the garage. Well- it is small, but we are planning on moving in 3 years, so we really just wanted to get in on equity-earning.