Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kids say the CUTEST things

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Dallis and Hadley(and some mini conversations)
"Mom, I have to go to the store for some eggs and ponies" Dallis

"Oh! I'm stuck in there!" Hadley- trying to take her dress off

"We need to fill the car up today, huh Dallis" said Todd, to which Dallis replied "Yeah, cuz the car is thirsty"
Then in a follow-up conversation Todd asked Dallis what the car wanted to drink. He asked if it drinks water and she said "No- not water! I think it wants oatmeal!"

I know it doesn't sound funny- but when you hear a 2 year old say "Oh crap! Oh no!" it just makes you giggle- plus when Hadley says it she puts a hand to her cheek like she is totally frustrated!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I don't think I mentioned that Ann-Michelle and I are taking a Book of Mormon class together this semester. We are really enjoying it. We can study and memorize the scriptures for the class together.

Dallis and Hadley are so crazy about ponies. They love them and carry them around everywhere it seems. The other day Dallis was carrying around a basket with some of her favorite items: 3 ponies (the Mommy pony, the Daddy pony, and the baby pony), a plastic cinderella figurine, and her favorite underwear (has ponies on it). She even took the basket up to the top bunk before bed!

Well yesterday we took Dallis and Hadley to Utah for the weekend. Since we only had Brynn we thought we would try to go watch a movie. Have any of you gone to the theater with an 11-month old? Let's just say - theres a first and a last time for everything. First she was making alot of noise, so we had to go out to get some water to put in her bottle. Then she wouldn't take the bottle so we had to go out to get warmer water. Then she threw up on me. Then she finished the bottle so we had to go out again (how are you supposed to enjoy a movie during this?). She just kept making so much noise that we actually ended up leaving before the movie was over.

The movie we went to was "The Bridge to Terabithia". In spite of my strong feelings about said movie, I will refrain from comment since I am sure many of you haven't seen it (yet).

Brynn is almost 1, we can't believe it. Here is a movie of her making some funny noises. She is crawling up and down the stairs now, actually she crawled all the way up the staircase yesterday.