Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well- as most of you already know . . .

We are so SO excited to announce that our little band of princesses will be joined by yet another little GIRL!! Hooray! We wanted to deal all in pink- and hey, who said you can't get what you wish for. Our doctor actually winced when he calculated the ages of our children and then thought about the teenage years. I am glad the pain of our future can be felt by another! My money is on brown hair- (I have lost any hope of bringing a red-head into this world)- but, my sister Kristie is guessing this will be the one with hair like mine. The baby looks great and is right on schedule as far as size and development goes. We really hope to have the baby in December- maybe a day or two after Christmas? Maybe I am asking too much?

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Joys of Mud

We didn't see them sneak over to the mud pit ... but once we found them, they having far too much fun to interrupt.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Buck Family Reunion

(1443.2 miles, 66.053 gallons, or $195.14 - yielding 21.85 MPG or $0.14 DPM)

Over the weekend and the early part of this week we went on a trip to the Buck family reunion. The Bucks are Ann-Michelle's maternal grandmothers brothers and sisters, and their families. Many of them live in Oregon, but alot of people traveled, even one family from Boston. We had alot of fun and were glad to take our first real family trip! We had a hotel along the way on both ends of the trip to break up the driving. The reunion was held at the Belknap hot springs near Bend, OR.

This first picture shows the girls relaxing to a DVD with the Hansen boys - one of the few ways we were able to actually get them to settle down. Thanks to them for thinking to bring the DVD player!

You can see how green it is and some of the outdoors that we got to enjoy.

More greenage.

We got Hadley a new bike for the trip. As you can see, she wasn't real attached to it. She actually didn't ride it at all! Oh well - we are hoping she will when she gets a little older.

Heres the cabin that we stayed in.

We also went white-water-rafting. Heres a pic of all of the Buck family members that went on that particular outing. (This picture was shamelessly snagged from Hansens blog.)

And last but not least, a little movie of our girls enjoying the tire swing that was just outside our cabin.

The kids had a ton of fun riding their bikes, swinging, swimming and just running around. The hot springs were actually - well, hot - and it was pretty hot up there in general so the pool wasn't quite an oasis but it was still fun.