Friday, September 21, 2007

Aerial View

The other day we went in to Brynn's room to wake her up from her nap and we found her buried under her bed sheet. Brynn is also moving up in the world - not only is she now walking, she is riding in a face-first car seat ! And see my amazing strength in action. All this and more in this brand new slide show!

Reasons Toothpaste is better than Pooh

1. Toothpaste smells better and is actually made to go in your mouth- (Hadley has been confused on this point a time or two)
2. When smeared into the carpet, toothpaste, with its cleaning agent capabilities, actually leaves the crime scene looking better than before it was squirted everywhere. Pooh does not help a carpet look better.
3. The word 'toohpaste' is more fun to say and will always sound smarter in conversation than 'pooh'.
4. When your toddler asks for help with her pooh, you will always wish she had said toothpaste.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ode To Us

So there isn't really any specific occasion for this movie or anything in particular that it is meant to commemorate - other than the awesomeness that is US! I saw something cool like this on Elise's blog and I thought I would give it a shot - I think it turned out pretty well.

(audio at


Elise has mentioned that she is dealing with a little pill, Gordon, lately. It must be pill season- Dallis has just recently decided that all communication must be done in forms of whiiinnneeyyy voices and even all out tear-fests. This morning's inspiration- dessert for breakfast. Dallis began asking for dessert at 7 am- I said no, we eat dessert after lunch and after dinner(if you are lucky and somehow we have one). She ate her yogurt and cereal breakfast and then began whining for- dessert. Well- eventually we made it to lunch. Who knew that ravioli could make a little girl cry? By the way- it can. Yes, she got her dessert- after 4 hours of whining for it and after I almost on-my-knees-begged her to eat 3 raviolis. Her Majesty naps now and all is quiet- but in reading about her cousin, I know the next wave of pill-plague is coming soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thats One Small Step for Brynn . . .

One Giant Leap for Freed-kind
(couldn't resist).

So Brynn has started walking, and I thought I would post up this video of some of her very first steps into the wide wide world.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Reasons, the series

I had started emailing Caitlan a beginning series that I have titled 'Reasons'. As a general rule, and maybe bad person habit, I like to express my opinion and back it up with a couple of reasons. Generally my opinions and reasons are useless to rest of the world- so, what better topic to blog on?! This is a repeat version for Cait, but to those few who read our blog- here is what you can start to expect randomly from me. And for anyone who didn't already know- I have an unnamed obsession with jokes about inflicting pain- I think it came from Lewis Black

Here you are, A-M

Reasons I want to shoot my face with a dart gun
1. Dart guns do not require permits like real guns, so buying one will not present the hassles that a 9 mil. purchase would
2. Dart guns can't be too expensive- they sell them at Wal-Mart, I think
3. The darts from a dart gun can't penetrate as deeply as real bullets- but they will cause enough pain to take my mind off of the normal mental anguish brought on by all the stupid, stupid people allowed to exist
4. I have used the face-in-a-blender joke too many times