Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Boy

The other day Graham was sitting in his bouncer and started falling asleep- not the unusual- but he was reaching for something at the same time and I thought it was so cute. Ignore his teething drool and my mess of a living room and the picture is kinda funny!
A big STILL toothless smile from Ike- he has been drooling like he will cut soon for months now- and no tooth. Which means the drooling has no end in sight.

The Boy has started to become mobile as well- not your conventional crawl, but dang cute!

So it begins

I know that technically pre-school is not considered K-12 level school BUT it marks the beginning of the school years in my mind! Dallis loves her class enough that she wants to go with Hadley to her class, too. I am predicting that enthusiasm for class will fade in the coming years! Dallis has a pretty large class with an even mix of girls and boys. Hadley's class, on the other hand, is smaller and she and one other little girl are the only girls in the class! Dallis is getting better at writing her name. For a short while there she was adding an 'H' because it was one of the letters she knew how to write pretty well. In fact, it is the only letter Hadley can write- so when signing her name it is just one big squiggly 'H' and some other marks. Here my big girls are posing with their backpacks and an example of Dallis's fine penmanship (with only the tiniest bit of help from Grandma Diane)