Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween has come and gone

This Halloween was a good one for us. Dallis chose to be a mermaid but, after her costume proved why I paid so little on it, we had to switch over to Elina the Barbie fairy character. If any of you know who I am talking about then I assume you have young daughters and the Barbie invasion is in full swing at your house, too. Barbie is also Odette, of Swan Lake, and Hadley's choice for costume. Brynn's costume was some fair maiden dress that I really chose just because it came in her size. She looked very cute but, I didn't take pictures when she was lookin good. I waited until she had nap hair and Tootsie Roll face. Ike looked super cute in his Halloween jammies. I know- copping out and going the jammie route just cause I can- can we say mom of 4?

We enjoyed going to Boo at the Zoo and the Snake River Landing trick or treating. I left my camera at home for Snake River so here are some cute ones from the zoo!
We have been major slackers in our blogging but, we appreciate our friends who do check up on us! Happy Fall!!