Monday, February 23, 2009

Fabulous Freed Family February Fun

You know, growing up, the letter 'F' was one of my least favorite. You never want to get that grade, I never met a single person whose first name started with it that I liked, the very worst words start with it- like frilly and fanatic (c'mon, those are dumb words). Plus, 'F' has no cool tricks like 'C'- that letter can make more than one sound- even in the same word!( e.g. concession). Or 'P'- put that in front of a dinosaur name and you don't even say it, its just there to be like "Yeah, that's right- I just show up and start words- take that 'F'".
But, now, in my enlightened state(it is now an initial of mine and thus a holy letter) I have come to kinda enjoy it- hence, whenever I get the chance I give you, my blog-buddies, sweet titles with lots of 'F's. My challenge- say Fabulous Freed Family February Fun 10 times fast, out loud, right now. I know, right? Disneyland's got nothin on that joyride!
So, onto my actual update for the month!

I know I am a little late on this- but, has anyone else noticed how February just ends? It is only three days shorter than other months but, somehow, seems like it is only a few weeks long. Well, this month has been pretty fun for us especially since we decided to buy Rock Band. We have been playing other people's sets for the longest time and kept debating about the purchase. Finally we just did it. We set it to No Fail mode and the kids love to play with us! Todd is much better than me but, I can get to medium on bass so, I am feeling proud!

Graham plays a drum solo! We had some fun with food faces with the two littles. Graham got some raspberries and Brynn played with chocolate pie! I brought my camera to Todd Flatland's birthday party and then LEFT IT IN THE CAR!! Oh, I am so not a natural blogger!! We had a ton o' fun at the Flatland's and enjoyed the luxuries of movies on a projector. Only $1800, think I'll pick one up after my grocery shopping . . .
This month marked the beginning or race training for me and I am so excited about my early morning running buddy, Heather! We both share a sick dedication to 5 am winter runs- Yes, 30 degrees is like summer at that time! There is a 5/10k on March 21st- anyone interested?

I AM SO PUMPED- Todd BUILT me a laundry room table, with a little help from Bing (THANKS!!). But, he came up with design and put in the labor.
I am so happy for it! And I am very proud of my geek-turned-handyman honey! I have a long list of shelving and bookcase projects that I am now ready to dump on him. I am pretty sure he can hack it!!
Hadley has been wearing her swimsuit EVERY DAY! I keep trying to dress her, but, then she ends up in just the suit anyway! I decided to put her tee and jeans on over the dumb thing just to keep her looking clothed!
Dallis shows off her favorite picture pose- cock your head all the way to one shoulder, give a cheesy smile and pop your hip out- such a ham!

And who needs walkers when you have Pergo and cheap stools? Looks like we will have a more mobile Ike coming on up!
All in all we have been enjoying life with our little Freedlings and busy house! Happy March- my favorite month, but I will get to that next time!