Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer=time moves faster!

I love how individual days feel like they can last for weeks on their own and then months are over before you can remember to date your checks right. Such is life, right? So, here is a recap of our summer so far. I ran in the Rexburg half-marathon in June and did half an hour better than my time last year. I will not be recommending that course to anyone- seriously uphill for at least 9 miles. I hated it! I have heard that Pocatello and Logan have nice courses that I am planning on trying in the future. We had a few trips here and there and then came the Fourth. Independence Day is pretty big at our house, especially since we join most of Todd's extended family for water baseball and a picnic. By the way, I totally caught a fly ball and my team definitely won, (there is a chance that no one was really keeping score). Here is a little July 4th video. For those of you who have seen any of our family swimming pictures, you will recognize the Brynn-stands-alone-and-pouts pose. Ah, my sweet child. August is our big family-reunion month, so get ready for my feelings on camping! And family-tee hee.