Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Agent Graham

I intercepted this communication from Good and his master in command, Make Mommy Cry Squadron, today. Here is the conversation.
MMCS: Special Agent Graham, we have a mission for you.

Graham: Copy that. How will we be making Mommy cry today?

MMCS: Method of choice- large kitchen mess when she is checking her email.

Graham: Excellent, I am ready for my orders.

MMCS:Your weapons will be the two new boxes of spaghetti noodles she bought on Saturday and the bottle of syrup on the counter. Empty the Lazy-Susan also.

Graham: How will I reach the syrup?

MMCS: Move the bench from the table and grab it. Do you have the weapons in sight?

Graham: Copy that

MMCS: Is Mommy in the room still?

Graham: Yes, sir. I am waiting now . . .wait for it . . . she has gone downstairs!

MMCS: GO! GO! GO! Get the syrup everywhere! Poor it on the bench and floor in at least three large puddles. Get some in your hair! HURRY! 5 minutes and counting! Now dump the noodles all over the floor. Yes, both boxes!! Empty that cupboard! GO! GO!

Graham: I hear something!

MMCS: Cease cry-inducing! She is coming back!

Graham: What should I do?

MMCS: Cute smile! NOW! Say 'Mommy' or something

Graham: Mommy- uh oh.

Mommy: I refuse to cry about this mess today- you are getting in the bath.

MMCS: Mission failed. Wait for laundry time. We will strike again and be triumphant.

Graham: I am in the bath now- I could do some damage here . . .


The Freed Family said...

Very cute!! Sticky syrup....that had to be a mess.

The Nixon Gang said...

Haha! You add a funny touch to this otherwise very depressing story. I hope you were able to get it all cleaned up ok.

Caitlan said...

haha five minutes?! that is incredible.

Mom said...

Ann-Michelle, that was way fun reading!!!! You should write that way more often in all of your spare time. Uugg, I would have pulled all of my hair out!!!