Thursday, February 4, 2010

Special Agent Graham and Garnier Fructis

Make Mommy Cry Squadron: Special Agent Graham, we have a mission for you.

Special Agent Graham: Ready.

MMCS: Your mother is doing laundry and left the bathroom door open. And she left the shampoo and conditioner on the tub.

SAG: Where I can reach?

MMCS: Yes, ha ha. It is going to be a simple mission! Now, take the shampoo.

SAG: Not the conditioner?

MMCS: No, take the shampoo. She will think that the conditioner is the shampoo. Now, take it, get some in your hair, on your shirt, and pour out half of it on the black couch.

SAG: On it. Wait, what's that sound?

MMCS: Our tracking system shows Mommy moving into the computer room. Oh, this is too easy!

SAG: I'll continue my mission

Mommy: Why am I smelling something sweet? What IS that fruity soapy smell? CRAP!
(Mommy finds the mess and is so frustrated she just takes her shower anyway)

MMCS: Success!

SAG: She didn't cry. How have we succeeded?

MMCS: As we speak she is grabbing the 'shampoo' and trying to wash her hair. But, it is conditioner! She will be frustrated and beyond! AND there is no more shampoo in the bathroom!!!

Mommy: Freak!! Stupid conditioner!!

MMCS: Hahhaaaahh

SAG: Ha hhaaaa!!! I get it!