Monday, May 31, 2010

Running crazy

So this morning I took in a run with my mom. A nice 3 mile jaunt and the weather was great. After I got home my running buddy, Heather, suggested a run. Hey, I can hang- only another 5k this morning. I do have myself convinced that I am superhuman. Might be fun to mention that I did smell like I had already run, too. So good . . . Anyway, Heather likes to do stadium stairs. I agreed because, like I said, I am superhuman. We did a mile around Bonneville's track,(which I kept referring to as a lap, even though it was really 4), and then headed to the stairs. Hey, guess what? The lock the gates to the stadium in the summer. I mean, c'mon, we just want to self-hate in the form of cardio!
Heather says "I just want to see if I can jump that fence. Just want to see if I can do it." We are both short- she is only a couple inches taller than me. So, she hops the fence. A little experience with that, I'd say, cuz she climbed and jumped like a pro. I, on the other hand, climbed like the old lady I am. I got myself to the top of the fence and then couldn't figure out what to do next. So, I sat on the barbs. NOT COOL. Heather had to come and support one foot while I got myself over the dang fence and in jumping position. I don't even want to know what the whole thing looked like. We did the whole stadium thing- my legs! my legs!- and then had to clear that fence again. We did find a place where the barbs were bent down. I think I was so adrenaline filled from the stairs and the embarrassment of the first fence issue that I located a great stair/handrail spot and monkeyed my way down with no help! I felt like those kids that sneak off of the compound to run to freedom. As we wrapped up our run we decided to try stairs again, even if there is some fence-hopping to be done . . .