Thursday, April 26, 2007

Did I mention in my last post that we got the girls a new bunk bed? Heres a video of when their first time seeing it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ann-Michelle and I started a new semester at school last monday. She is taking several classes on-line and only needs to be on campus tuesday and thursday, which makes the commute alot easier for us this semester. I however still have to drive up to Rexburg monday through friday because of my Calculus II class. We stay pretty busy with work and school and everything else but we are enjoying it.

We also moved into our new townhouse over spring break. It is a little bigger than our old apartment a little nicer and a little more homier for us. We are hoping to get a fence put up for our backyard maybe this year so that the kids can play outside. Ann-Michelle has big plans for painting, and she has already painted the downstairs bathroom purple. She used a special technique called ragging and it looks awesome.

Brynn is a crawling machine now, and she loves playing in her walker. It can actually move now on our pergo kitchen floor, whereas on carpet she couldnt get it to budge. Hadley is potty training now and she is doing really well with the occasional accident of course, usually resulting from us not making her go before bed and then giving her a cup to drink just before falling asleep. You'd think that one would be a no-brainer. We are slowly reducing our dependence on foreign diaper companies. Dallis is growing up too fast and in dance classes right now.

Both Dallis and Hadley love saying family prayer with us. Almost any time we say prayer they will both repeat everything we say even if it isn't their turn. The other day Dallis was saying prayer before bed and this is what she said (imagine cute voice) "Heavenly Father, thank you for our family and please bless me and Hadley to sleep in mommies bed tonight" Nice try !

Ive also attached some pictures - I dont know why but I think pictures of the kids sleeping are so cute.

I hope everyone else can post about their families soon !