Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Epic Adventure

For your viewing enjoyment I have prepared a small montage of pictures cataloging our adventures over the last several weeks. We begin with this wonderful shot of Brynn.

She managed to get herself into the tub while there was still water in it and you can see the results.

Next we explore the fourth of july weekend, which was alot of fun for us. We spent the evening of the 3rd at the Flatlands new home in Pocatello. Josh and Laramie brought their cute girls over as well and we had fun swimming and creating a whirlpool.

We made it over to Freeman Park for the fireworks several hours early and met up with Chris and Elise and their boys. Everyone enjoyed the show.

Taking cue from the Flatlands (and the life-sucking heat we are experiencing) we got ourselves a little pool for the kids to play in.

And last but not least, I call this one "How to Eat a Donut. Hadley-Style."

Hope you enjoyed the pictures =) Well, Brynn has begun taking her first steps over the last couple of days. Look for some video of her walking here in the next week or so.

Hope everyone is doing great!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Schoooool's out for the summer!

Well- technically school is only out for 8 weeks for Todd, my 'summer' lasts all the way to January! Todd, of course, cleaned up with a great GPA- I, on the other hand, had to keep the attitude of 'At least I passed' with 2 of my courses. Astronomy- good night! I now will avoid looking at the stars for the next two months getting myself out of the habit of trying to calculate right ascension and which horizon different constellations and the moon fall in. I would like to claim some sort of excuse for this semester- but in truth I just didn't do my best. I am a little sad to be done with Econ- the same way Todd was sad last semester to say good-bye to Chemistry. Some classes are really interesting and the subject matter is- okay, I already know I am crazy- FUN to learn! We are looking forward to our month of August- a fun Oregon trip is coming up and we are trying to get the Lava Hot Springs idea pulled together with the Hansens!