Friday, November 30, 2007

Acid Reflux and Bulbous Cows

Well- I decided that a post about my true feelings on being pregnant was in order. First, I would like to say that I have made it to 34 weeks with NO BED REST! Hoorah! I know that it is not actually anything I had to do with, but I am counting it as a personal accomplishment anyway. I am just saying out loud - in case the divine-labor-fairies are listening with a kind ear- that Todd is done with this semester on the 14th of December. That is a Friday and I think I have a cookie-making party on the 15th, SO that evening or Sunday morning are very convenient times for me to go into labor. Really- I won't mind at all if it happens any time that week. Okay- message sent.
I am now in the part of life-creating that is so frustrating. Anything I eat or drink ends up burning my throat like crazy. I was taking prescription heart burn medicine- but it was making my stomach feel funny. That is the story of these last few weeks, (note- I said FEW)- Trade one pain for another. Do I sleep on my back and let my legs ache? Do I sleep on my side and feel the acid reflux all the way to my ears and feel my giant belly pulling toward the mattress? Do I sit to rest my swelling feet and have baby all in my ribs? Do I stand up and relive my ribs at the expense of my lower back? Anyway- I know that these complaints can easily be swept away with some sticky sweet comment like 'You are going to have a BABY- isn't that worth all of it?' Yes, I answer- but I am thinking 'How exactly does that make me feel better?' Oh, it doesn't- it is just to shut me up. My sister Kristie described my shape the best- I am bulbous. I like to refer to myself as puffy- but bulbous is really the right word. I am attaching a picture so that you can see what this word means when applied to a person.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Autumn and Birthdays

Well its getting chillier, cold enough in fact to freeze up the clutch on my truck this morning.

We celebrated Dallis's birthday last weekend in grand style. On friday night (her actual birthday), Ann-Michelle and I took Dallis out to dinner at the Olive Garden, just the three of us. She was able to get a special - red - drink just like mommy and have a whole host of happy waiters and waitresses sing happy birthday to her, which she just loved. There was one frustrating part, however. After she found out that the other two girls were going to grandma Diane's house, she decided she would rather do that than have 'birthday dinner'! (they ended up staying at our house with grandma, but that didnt change things.) In any event, she quickly forgot about that once we got to the birthday dinner.

Saturday was pretty crazy. We had scheduled to meet up with family at Leo's Place for Dallis's birthday party at 3:00. That morning I was helping my grandparents move so we were going to have those two events end-to-end as it was, but as luck would have it, we ended up at the doctor's office around 1:30 with Ann-Michelle experiencing pretty bad contractions and back pain. Not to be outdone, we still had the 'party', albeit an hour late, and Ann-Michelle stayed home to rest. Because of these complications some attendees were unable to make it but Dallis and Hadley still had tons of fun on the big toy they have there. Thanks to Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop and Allison for making it to the party!
We also opened toys and had Sleeping Beauty decorated cake (thanks Kristy) that night at Greg and Kim's. In all we think Dallis's birthday was quite a success.
(sorry, I didn't really get any pictures of the aforementioned).

In addition, we took the girls to the park on Capitol a few weeks ago for some Autumn pictures. Here are some highlights.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Alright Elise- I am finally responding to one of your tags. First I would like to say that every time I have read my name on a tagged list on the Hansen blog I have expected to get some sort of e-mail tag or something that comes to me personally. I think that my name on the blog is the invite- so here it goes. As explained by Elise I am supposed to tag 6 people after listing 6 facts about me and that leads into the first fact 1. I HATE chain stuff-not the participating part- but the part at the end, when you have to come up with people to pass it along to and realize that you don't have a big enough social circle to adequately pass it on. So, I am going to list 6 things and then call it good- I am working on making friends,so future tags will be more successful.
2. I love LOVE to make desserts- I like to try new things that involve chocolate or maybe sweetened condensed milk. I feel a little hesitant when it comes to fruity desserts, but try most of them anyway. As many new recipes as I have tried I can still never guess what it is going to taste like by just reading the recipe-some people have mad skills.
3. I find it a major hit against a retailer if the company does not have a good dotcom shopping option. Like Target- they have the WORST shipping issues and take weeks to notify you if your order cannot be fulfilled. I am always excited to find a new website that sells and ships well, making my ventures into public shopping minimal(I don't really like going out to shop).
4. I love fall and early spring because it is not freezing, but I still get to wear sweaters or long sleeve shirts- my favorite type of clothing! I really like jackets and cardigans, too. I hate summer primarily because I have to figure out how to dress and I really hate hot weather. I could never live in Texas or Florida, but would really enjoy Washington(surprise!).
5. I don't like to watch my grammar when typing. I don't even like capitalizing "I" or using capital letter with proper nouns. I feel like I don't watch my words when I am casually talking to someone, why should I be careful when casually typing? Here is the best part- when I receive an email or something without proper punctuation I get a little lost. So, although I don't like to do it- I can see the value.
6. I love organization- Tubs for each type of toy, a drawer just for tape and another just for pens, files for each bill- ooh, AND Excel spreadsheets! I LOVE Microsoft Office! I really think I am a born-secretary! Too bad they don't make fat loot, hmmmm.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween 2007

Here are a couple of photos from Halloween. We took the girls to DocuTech for the annual Halloween event.