Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretend it is the end of March

GUUUGGHHHH! I am going to say that I have some really good excuses for this latest break. I really try to blog once a month- I want to work up to once a week, so I am going to keep trying. I am going to let you in on my reason for delay even though most of my reader know about it all. Check it out- I had some health drama that was starting to get kinda bad. After about 3 weeks of testing and imaging, we finally came to the conclusion that I needed surgery- removing my gallbladder, appendix and right ovary. Want to know the technical terms? Cholecystectomy, appendectomy and oophorectomy. I did not make that last one up! So the procedure took place last week- I am feeling pretty good now, which is such a relief! I have been down with something since January! Todd is pretty glad that things are clearing up, too- kinda got tired of the doctor's visits and the kookiness I bring about on pain killers!! So- I think that counts as a dang good excuse. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my sweet mother-in-law Diane and my sweet mom Kim. They took care of my kids on the worst of the days last week and were so kind and helpful. Truly one of the nicest things that has happened to me- Love you two way too much!!!

Onto MARCH!!!

March is the best month for a number of reasons. The top is that Todd and I have our anniversary on the 17th. We celebrated by going to Red Robbin for dinner and Applebee's for dessert. Not the most romantic places but, we were really feeling hamburgers and RR french fries. So good. Our waiter at Applebee's was awesome and we found ourselves wishing he had served us at RR! It was nice to go out but, we decided we don't do our anniversaries well enough. We have never gone all out or anything and we are done! From next year on we are going to really celebrate our marriage. I am excited- next year we are planning on doing to SLC half-marathon together and staying in Salt Lake for the weekend. I know, I know- not that exotic, but we will save our African safari and European anniversaries for later years!

Here's to AT LEAST 50 more anniversary dates with my honey!!

Another reason I love March is St. Patrick's Day. Not being a huge drinker, or drinker at all actually, it is kinda funny that I love this holiday so much! We don't eat Irish food on St. Pat's- yet. I am going to start trying to serve Irish dinners for the day in the future. We do, however, deck out in green and make green cupcakes and frost them with green icing and drink green milk! We invited some friends over for a St. Patty's cupcake party. Aren't they so dang cute?

Of course I also love March because my birthday is at the end of the month. We invited friends over for games and treats. It was a lot of fun- we held a RockBand sudden death tournament. You had three songs to hold your place in the tournament and the two players with the lowest overall scores got kicked out and two new player got to join. The person with the highest overall score got to choose their instrument and the first song. The second place player got to choose instrument and song next. And finally, whoever got stuck on microphone got to pick the last song. Some players stayed in the entire tournament (Todd Flatland!) but overall it was a pretty good system! Here is a little video of the party! Oh, and the next day we went to my parent's house (all the DeArtons were in town) so there are some pics of that, too!

Well- I will post April's month-end update hopefully before the end of May!! Happy Spring!!


The Freed Family said...

I meant to call you sooo many times to check on you, but it never happened. So sorry. I had Mitch ask Todd about how you were doing and I know you had meals and left town. Let me know if you still need anything. Glad you're feeling better. We are leaving town this week for a few days, but are planning to celebrate Hailey's birthday on Sunday at 6 for cake and ice cream. I'll let you know if it changes. Hope you can make it. I know you said Sundays are bad for you guys. Glad you updated your blog. Cute pictures. You celebrated your anniversary like we usually do, low key, except we never have gone to a separate restaurant for dessert. :) There must be something yummy at Applebee's.

Hanna in the House... said...

I am so sorry for all of the health problems, but relieved that they have it under control. I hope that you get back on your feet soon, and get feeling better.

Calise said...

Wow, what a crazy few months- and 3 different surgeries? CRAZY! :)
I hope all is well now!

Mandy said...

Sorry to hear about the surgery but glad you are feeling MUCH relief. Poor health is NEVER easy or fun.

I so love reading all the fun, crazy things you and your family do. I would have enjoyed joining a sing off and probably would have smoked Todd. Ha!!

Happy late Anny and Birthday. What a wonderful month!!

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