Thursday, June 4, 2009

April and draMay

April- we had a goodish month (remember that surgery thing?). We enjoyed the fact that Idaho finally let up on the winter scene and broke out the sun! How about a little picture-trail of our fourth month adventures?
We went to SLC in mid-April and enjoyed some time with my family. We spent most of the time walking around and tiring our kids out! Brynn even fell asleep on Todd's shoulders!
Graham knocks out after a full day at the Gateway Mall.

Brynnie smells the beautiful flowers at Gateway- the landscaping there is so well done!!

Todd and I w/BIG SMILES at the Utah State scrimmage game- pretty fun!!

Of course Easter was a fun holiday for us. The girls got new dresses that coordinated (one of my favorite holiday traditions). I think they look ADORABLE! I didn't get a great shot of Graham's outfit- but you kinda get the idea!

We had a FAST May. It was totally normal until I brilliantly left my purse on the front seat of my unlocked car. Who can guess what happened? It got stolen!!! I had $40 cash and all of my bank cards, pictures of my kids, BOTH of our cells, my checkbooks and my dumb driver's license all taken. And my dang cute Fossil wallet! It happened on a Monday night and I spent Tuesday morning calling and canceling my bank accounts on my friend's cell phone (Thank you Amy!) Honestly, the thing I was most irritated about was the fact that I was being forced into an Idaho driver's license. Yes, I had kept my Washington one this whole time we have been living here. I was pretending that by the time it expired we would be back in Washington. Wrong. A few days later I got a call from JC Penney portrait studio- I had an appointment the next day so that is why I thought they were calling. In fact, Idaho Falls Power guys had found my purse and found my portrait club card and called the studio to report finding my purse! How random! It was in the river and they caught it in the power plant thing on Sunnyside road. Well, I was pumped- no new license. Wrong. Everything except my wallet was still in the purse. The phones (destroyed by the river) and my pictures of my family (all gross and dirty) and even the cash were still there. I had kept my cash in a pocket in the purse instead of in the wallet- I am guessing whatever high/drunk jerk-face that stole it was not brained up enough to search the whole purse.
So, then onto the adventure of getting a new license.
I went into the DMV with Brynn and Graham. I brought everything I thought they would need- my social security card, my birth certificate and my utility bill proving residency. After waiting in that fun fun line I was told that I would need to retake the written test and bring in some sort of photo ID. I guess it was good that I held onto my high school yearbook because that is what I had to use. I went back a few days later to take the test and there was some drama about needing my marriage license. Something about the DMV just heightens my stress levels because I thought I was going to cry when they almost sent me away again. Luckily, I had my WA license number memorized and they verified the name change that way. BUT THEN I had to go to the ATM to pull out cash to pay for the test and new license( BY THE WAY: The DMV does NOT take debit cards), and because of all of the debit card canceling and account drama MY PIN DIDN'T WORK. I had to drive to the bank and get cash out to go back to the DMV to take that stupid test and then I finally was able to get my Idaho state driver's license. Seriously, after that week, the next time someone steals anything of mine I am hunting them down and making them wait on the phone for over three hours and then drive back and forth from the DMV three times and wait in line for a total of 2 hours. So much drama.

We did get to celebrate Brynn's 3rd birthday at the end of the month. Very few of my pictures turned out(new camera time!)- so here are a couple party shots to show you my crowded and fun house!

We love our little Peanut Baby- and THANK YOU everyone who joined us and made the party so much fun!! I hope everyone is just enjoying the heck out of this summer!


Holly said...

Amm-Michelle, first I want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers! You are too sweet! I'm so sorry about your purse... why isn't everyone honest?! What a nightmare for you! Your girls dresses are adorable too!

The Freed Family said...

I love the matching, but each a different color, dresses. That is so fun. Wish I could do that, oh well. So sorry about your purse and the whole license ordeal. What a big pain. I look horrible in Brynn's bday time I'll be sure not to sit by where the bday child is opening presents so I'm not in every shot.